Multi Expertise Integration

Endeavour is to trace where we are and to raise early warning of forthcoming peril which is about to end up the Global Human Civilization. Specialists in all different fields of study in the world such as, Physicists, Chemists, Biologists, Environmentalists, Philosophers and Sociologists etc. are expected to contribute their invaluable inputs towards:

1.    Setting of a Global Vision for saving the Human Civilization from imminent disasters 

2.    Mindset Diversion to build up a United Mission to meet the set Global Vision

In the aim of;

1.    Forecasting of forthcoming perils upon the Global Ecosystem

2.    Prioritization  of threats and Early Warning

3.    Combined Effort to set disaster Mitigating Strategies and Safety Measures    

by the name of Continuation of the Global Human Civilization for next era.

·         What are the possible threats?

There are two types of threats being aggravated through centuries such as;

1.    NDK bomb to stop the forward march of Global Human Civilization

2.    Geomagnetic Reversal being grown for a sudden attack upon unprepared mankind

1. The NDK Bomb:    

This is not a threat coming from out space but a cancer like internally grown thing which prevents man from observing the forthcoming dangers and make him paralyze so that he cannot move in any direction. 



2. Geomagnetic Reversal: 

Phenomena such as Global warming, Depletion of Ozone layer, Climate at Change and Departing of Moon etc. are just indications of the forthcoming Big Change upon Earth.

(Read more –Publication (Space Dynamics)/Earth Mechanism/Space Dynamics-V3)

Human dimension in aggravation of the supporting factors for a geomagnetic reversal bears a very big potential and still there remains a least chance of delaying the incident.  But gravity of the situation has to be realized at first.    


EARLY WARNING [PL-E/2] – imminent Geomagnetic Reversal?


According to the categorization of planets in the solar system, Earth belongs to the productive group of planets and with all indications the next magnetic reversal is imminent. The 2nd Fundamental Cosmic Reaction (2nd FCR), the mass production of atomic matter in productive planets, has to be started with reversal of the ‘Geo Spherical Vortex’. As a result, the globe may undergo a period of rapid (but gradual) expansion due to the growth of inner mass and the tectonic plates shall be more departed.

The change shall be initiated at any moment with a remarkable drop of the flux of the charged energy particles (that comes from solar wind) to Earth or due to increased inability of our atmosphere to absorb them.  

Majority of Lightening strokes shall start beating from ground to sky as the best indicator of the change.

In face of such a vast global climatic and weather change, only the most fitting varieties of plant and animal species shall remain with a few human beings, those who would survive in highland caves at vicinity of water, in order to start the next Human Civilization from Zero.