‘Atomic Structure’ has been evolved through centuries as the most important fundamental subject field of Science, through vigorous experimentation by the great commitment of the Scientists so ever born.

The evolution but had only a philosophic origin up to the 18th century till John Dalton paid much emphasis to figure out atomic composition in molecular units of elements.

Thomson’s atomic model of positively charged inner space with scattered negatively charged electrons, was displaced by the Rutherford’s model (1911) in which the electrons orbit round the positively charged nucleus.

Various models of the atomic structure have been developed ever since until a more realistic energy responded model is introduced by Niles Bohr (1913). In his model, electrons are orbiting the nucleus at different potential energy levels and an electron could leap the orbit by exchanging of a certain quantity of energy (packet or quantum of energy) through energy radiations.

Scale (size) of the nucleus of hard state is so infinitesimally tiny that, it is 1015 (ten to the power fifteen) times smaller than the atom and the modern day knowledge base is thorough enough to figure out  size, charge and mass of the inner atomic particles mainly such as Electrons, Protons and Neutrons.      

Dynamic Model of Atom’as introduced herein is to address the so far unexplained features of the Atom such as;

                      i.        Skin boundary of the atomic body has not been addressed

                     ii.        Dynamic orbital stability of electrons in the atomic body has not been addressed

                    iii.        Bond between the nuclear particles has not been explained

                    iv.        Bond between atoms in elements has not been explained

                     v.        Continuous consumption of energy by atoms to maintain the interior rotary dynamics has not been addressed

                    vi.        Phase transformation of atoms at the speed of light has not been addressed

                   vii.        Origin of atoms has not been addressed

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