Contributory Involvements

Need for Contributory Involvements

01. Publication of the Innovative Knowledge Base:

The service by initiating and maintaining of the Alternative Knowledge Base open for the world public, continued since 2009 by the website which is  also famous as ‘gamageconsultatation’ as a nonprofit single owner organization.

Main Objectives of the website:

1.            The long term procedure  of ‘Intellectual Property Coverage’ for inventions as a whole,deprives the new knowledge from the world public, for several years or perhaps forever if the patents fail to earn the intended  market. Therefore all of my patented and pending patent inventions and innovative theoretical findings as well are freely exposedfor the world public by ‘gamage consultations’.

2.            Being a Liberal Explorer from the childhood, I have challenged the century’s late faulty theories in the conserved stock of the acceptance and introduced several alternative theoretical findings in the subject field of Physics as a whole, to be exposed for the world science community in the aim of building up alternative ‘Scope of Knowledge’ forthe future generations.

3.           DIYASADANA (Making Water for Habitats):

Majority of the world public is suffering without access for safe Drinking Water and hence succumbed to related health hazards. Specially the rural communities living in semiarid zonal regions get kidney deceases by drawing water from deep wells and contaminated stagnant water bodies.

Research, designing, implementation and turnover evaluation of some innovative technologies of ‘Natural Water Purification’ has been organized to establish as pilot projects in the kidney trouble recorded rural areas in Sri Lanka. Technologies are exposed free for the Global Public without reserving any patent royalties.  


All the expenses for developing and maintaining of the website so far,are difficultly met with my meager incomeasan Engineer.Not only Money, but the commitment paid (not only myself but my beloved family), in saving time even during nights, for creating ‘New Angles of Knowledge’ for the world, could never be paid back. Several times my website has expired being unable to make due payments. I hope things would run from bad to worse with my due retirement from the job in few months.

02. Research Guidance in the focus of Advancement of Science of the 21st Century:

1)            Demonstration of a miniature model to exhibit Mechanism of Gravitational attraction.

2)            Analysis of frequency of the gravitational waves.

3)            Demonstration of Static Work by Gravity.

4)            Lifting water by ‘Gravitational Static Work’ by a practical model to prove the theory of ‘Mountain Fountain’.

5)            Demonstration of ‘Moola Gravity’ (the gravity of the dropped scale of Matter)and analysis for the inner atomic medium properties.

6)            Practical proof for the Medium Matter (vacuum).

7)            Practical analysis to derive mass of a photon.

8)            …………


03. Good will for the Future.

Our endeavors through Experimental, Mathematical, Logical and Deductive approachesin Exploration for the Reality would certainly be highly recognized in Future.

Hence, the well-wishers shall receive a signed receipt certificate of Gratitude to appreciate their contribution to be pioneers of the Reformation Age.


Cyril H Thalpe Gamage



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