Scope of the Exploration:

1.   MATTER as a whole, would remain undefined for centuries unless Deductive Science of the 21st century, could overtake the conventional stream of PHYSICS, to lead it towards the REALITY because, MAN has almost met the dead end of Laboratory Experimentation.


2.   MIND-the 6thMeasuring Organ of MAN -could be enlightened to guide the Experimentation towards the REALITY through creation of many Conceptual Models and deducting them by means of Logical Reasoning and Scientific Evidences.

Theoretical Knowledge Base for the Exploration:

1.   The law of Conservation of Energy: E=Mc2-AlbertEinstein

2.   Density =Mass/Volume:  ρ=M/V                      –Archimedes

3.   Kinetic Energy in Matter: Ek=1/2 (Mc2)           -Isaac Newton

4.   Volumetric Energy in Matter:Ev=PV                 -21st century

5.   Ultimate Energy Stock in Matter: E=Ek+Ev-21st century

6.   Medium Relation of Matter: P=1/2 (ρc2)      – Fluid Dynamics

7.   Skin Diffusion of Energy Matter :v=√(4πPir3)/M)-21st century

8.   Pressure doubling in particle Bubbles: Pi=2xPo-21st century

9.   Volumetric Drop in Scalar Consistency: Dv=1015   -21st century


(Note: the highlighted theories are re-analyzed in the appendix)    

(Note: the highlighted theories are re-analyzed in the appendix)   

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