It is observed that currently, there is a big misunderstanding with a complication about ENERGY and ENERGY MATTER.

ENERGY is the term to denote ‘Capability to Work’. (ex: kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, gravitational energy, nuclear energy, electrical energy, etc.). Energy is just a mechanical property incorporated with the dynamic state of objects of Matter.

ENERGY MATTER is substantial and fundamentally a separate Family (or in other words a Category) to be realized by the Scientists of the century behalf of advancement of Physics.

If it is questioned ‘What are the fundamental category of Matter?’ a student of junior secondary level would answer as; ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’. But I dare say all that belonged to a single category and ‘solid liquid & gas’ are only the three states of the same category of matter named as ATOMIC MATTER.

If not, what are then Electrons, Light, Heat, Vacuum, Solar Wind etc.? Are they not Matter?          

There are only three fundamental categories (families) of Matter in the Universe to be recognized as;

1.    Atomic Matter: Matter of spherical particle Structure, with Interior Rotary Dynamics.

2.    Energy Matter: Matter of spherical bubble like particle Structure, with Exterior Linear Dynamics.

3.    Medium Matter(Vacuum): Matter of spherical bubble like particle Structure, with neither Interior nor Exterior Dynamics.

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