Sky scraping column buildings of Megacity Urban Development has created a deathtrap apparently to end up the Global Human Civilization.

But till then, doesn’t it look a failure in Structural Engineering too, where causation undetected as yet and designing aspects remained without safety measures against earthquakes?

However much the knowledge has been developed by the 21st century, we often observe that, there are many lapses in other scientific fields except from the overdeveloped field of Information Technology

The background sciences related to this phenomenon Earthquake, look to have some areas vaguely explained or unexplained as yet or unless how could such disasters strike upon human civilization, all at once giving no chance to escape?

The impulsivelateral force ‘Seismic Impulse’ applied upon structural buildings and its direction has not yet been identified in Structural Engineering.


In this analytical study however we observed that there are some lapses or gaps in the background sciences and therefore the Scientists of the 21st   century have got to open their conserved stocks of knowledge for new challenges on behalf of Improvements.

This analytical monograph also delivers the important message for attention of  the Global Knowledge Departments that,  Earth is not solid but a Hollow Globe.

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