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Political philosophy of Non Violence by the age of knowledge

WAR is the short visionary problem solving measure, exhibited throughout the evolutionary march of the Global Human Civilization. This is the ‘Age of Knowledge’ by the 21st century and the Human Dimension in war, requires an Analytical Political Definition for betterment.

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Strategic Proposal-02for a rapid uplift of the country economy

ORIENTATION : The Reclaimed sloppy earth banks are preserved to prevent soil erosion by berm cut step landscaping to implement the ‘Agro-Eco Reforestation’ program, in the aim of creating rural CBO based micro entrepreneurship upon supply of bulk handicraft raw materials, food, local medicine etc.

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Strategic Proposal-01 for a rapid uplift of the country economy

ORIENTATION :  A rapid economic growth is aimed through an accelerated ‘Gem Harvesting and Processing Project’ to reestablish the historic Silk Route ‘Ratnadvipa Gem Auction’ back in Sri Lanka. Ratna(Gem) +Dvipa(Island)=Ratnadvipa

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Legend of Democracy

It is said that Democracy was born in Athens of Greece as per the historical record (510BC) of a communal enactment declared by the king of Athens to stop slavery.

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