What is the scope?

Scope is to fill the vacancy for a more powerful engine of lighter weight.

What is the problem to overcome?

A positive displacement fuel burning engine in the conventional technology wastesabout 30% of its energy to run heavy pistons, connecting rods, shafts and valves etcas a disadvantage. Besides that, there is a limitation for its RPM.

There was no other reliable alternative mechanism of an engine introduced to overcome the  problems since the Industrial Age. 

RRME introduces rocket rotary dynamics for the first to the automobile industry with an innovative technique of rotary type fuel injector.  The machine is of light weight because there are no pistons, connecting rods and much of shafts. 

What is new there?

1. Fuel controlling injector operated rotary fuel feeding technology is quite innovative.

2. Instantly shutting and opening combustion chamber is quite new as a fuel controlled rotary rocketengine.

3. Rotary type air intake is also novel to the industry.

4. Air cooling of the engine is done by the self- rotation without use of any extra fans.

What are the advantages?

1. Maximum fuel efficiency

2. Un limited RPM racing ability

3. Maximum (Hp/Mass)powerper mass efficiency of an automobile engine.

4. Air cooling of the engine without extra fans.

What is the recommended use?

Special use for motor racing and common use for all automobile.

What is the specialty of RRME for motor racing?

1. In consideration of horse power to weight of the engine (Hp/Kg), RRME is the revolution in automobile engineering.

2. The clear height (ground clearance) of the ‘RRM-21st Runner’ car is high to allow a speedy air flow under the car. In that novel aerodynamic design, pressure under the body drops and the car is not lifted at any highest RPM of the engine.

What is the opportunity by this invention to the automobile industry?

Prominent Investors in the industry can practice the innovative technology.